I have served Marshall County as a peace officer for over 25-years. Some of those roles include serving as a small town police officer, deputy sheriff assigned to patrol, Traffic safety coordinator, investigator assigned to the Mid-Iowa Drug Task Force, law enforcement trainer, jail administrator, sergeant and chief deputy.  I am a second generation officer and come from a proud law enforcement and military family that has been involved in public service since before I was born. I want to continue serving you as your sheriff. I am the only candidate with continuous service and current credentials, having maintained employment as a peace officer as well as required continuing education. I humbly ask for your support and vote.


  • Iowa Law Enforcement Academy

  • Des Moines Area Community College - Criminal Justice

  • Northwestern University- Police Staff and Command


* This section contains some highlights and is not inclusive of all training or continuing education.

  • Certified Jailer

  • Defensiver Tactics Instructor

  • PR-24 Baton Instructor

  • Flashlight as a defensive weapon instructor

  • Advanced Crime Scene training

  • Advanced training in drug crimes

  • Blood spatter analysis

  • Courtroom testimony

  • Management's Rights

  • National Incident Management System

  • Managing a generational workforce

  • Crime Scene and Accident Photography

  • Interview & Interrogation


The Marshall County Jail is the largest division within the Sheriff's Office. Sheriff's across the country recognize that their jails are the greatest area of liablility. Long gone are the days where a jailer can only be a guard. Direct-supervision design and special  populations demand multi-task professionals with a unique ability to communicate, especially with mentally ill prisoners. Having been the jail administrator for nearly a decade, ensuring compliance with State standards and managing the process to meet Federal standards, which allowed the agency to hold Federal detainees, allows me a level of awareness conerning jail management and potential issues. Relationships with other agencies have also allowed Marshall County to benefit from millions of dollars in revenue for holding prisoners.  Just one of these accounts that I secured brought nearly two million dollars to Marshall County. This background is an important asset for a sheriff to have. I have it.