I have been married to my wife, Penny, since 1996 and we have three children that attend school in the Marshalltown Community School District. I have a passion for serving others, which extends to my community involvement, including the American Red Cross, National MS Society and Iowa Valley Leadership among others.

I have been fortunate to have been involved in a great agency that has done remarkable things with a remarkable staff. Recently, retiring Sheriff Ted Kamatchus wrote the following, "In the last 3 years MCSO has:
• Upgraded it's record-management software and computer system,
• Upgraded its door control and camera control system,
• Upgraded the emergency call system at the Courthouse,
• Upgraded the car and portable radios,
• Upgraded our issued duty-weapon handguns,
• Received and put into service a radio-controlled robot for high-risk environments (At no cost to the taxpayers)
• Received and put into service a radio-controlled Quad-copter that allows for quicker land searches and protective surveillance during high-risk situations. (Purchased with drug-forfeiture dollars…NOT tax dollars)
• Continued to cycle and upgrade our vehicle fleet through price negotiations that commonly fall BELOW state-bid costs.
• Continued a process of replacement and upgrading of our facility video and surveillance systems at the Jail complex and as the Courthouse.
• Continued to provide one of the most progressive personnel training programs in the State of Iowa.
• Serving as Chief of the Jail and now as Chief Deputy, Steve Hoffman has been an intricate part of this administration. And with his input, the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office has maintained a multi-year operations plan which allows for MCSO to continue it’s service to our citizens at a high level, while ensuring staff training and issued equipment are the best available.

These things and more; all while continuing to meet the professional standards for law enforcement operation as established AND CONFIRMED by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. (Considered the International Gold Standard for achievement that monitors our operations and proves to our citizens we are providing the best possible law enforcement service)."

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